J.I.C. Web Design is a one-man operation based variously in Arlington TX and Greenville SC, depending on the time of year. My business is based on a few basic web principles.

the principles

I first learned web coding from a book that taught me: content is king. Therefore my websites are:

  • Simple and spare.
  • Designed to help people find the content they want.

Of course, a good design that maximizes content isn’t enough. People have to find your website somehow. One way to help people is through web site optimization. Here are the secrets I learned:

  • There are no shortcuts, no magic formulas, and no secrets.
  • Search engines like Google care most about your content (content is king: see above).
  • Even optimized web sites should make use of targeted advertising.

And, finally, a word about web standards:

  • I work hard to abide by W3C web standards so that your web site will look approximately the same regardless of the web browser used to view the site.

how i work

I base the visual design on your needs as a customer and your aesthetic preferences. If you want a Content Managed website, I will set you up in WordPress, the (free) CMS that powers this site. I believe that it’s absolutely essential that a website reflect the personality of the business or person that it represents.

the name (j.i.c.)

J.I.C. stands for Josh in Cambodia, the address of my website. To find out more, go to the about page.